I adhere to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders’ Code of Practice at all times.

I work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends. I may be able to complete work at short notice. I do not charge a higher rate for short notice or ‘out of hours’ work.

I provide three services:

  • Proofreading – I will correct errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency and formatting, all in accordance with your brief. I will query odd content or matters needing attention.
  • Editing – I will edit your text to improve the clarity and flow of your work. However, the work and the voice will remain yours.
  • Anglicisation/re-writing of non-native written English (UK English only).

I can proofread on paper using BSI proof correction symbols.

I can work in Microsoft Word using Track Changes, or in PDF using Acrobat Reader, to annotate corrections and suggestions digitally.

If you think I can provide the service you need, contact me by email and provide a brief description of what you need including:

    • Your name and contact details
    • What sort of project it is (e.g. fiction manuscript or MSc dissertation)
    • Number of words
    • What you need to be done
    • Your timescales and deadline

I will respond with any queries I have, and give you an initial indication of whether I can help and my availability. I will ask for a sample of one or more chapters or sections of your work that are at least 5% of the total word count. This will enable me to assess the time needed to complete the work and the estimated cost.

My promise

  • I will respect your work and take care to keep it secure and confidential.
  • I will use all of my skills and experience to deliver high quality work and the results you expect. I cannot guarantee perfection but I will try to achieve it.
  • Notwithstanding circumstances beyond my control, I will return your project on time, fully completed. Should circumstances arise that are beyond my control, I will contact you at the earliest moment to discuss a course of action.

Please see my Terms & conditions for further information.

If you are a student, please see my Services for students page for further information.