All of the information on the Services page applies to you and your thesis or dissertation, so please do read that first. However, because of the special nature of your work, here is some additional information.

Assistance from a proofreader may help you to present your work well. However, I will only make suggestions and you may take them up or reject them as you choose; responsibility for the final work submitted remains with you. I cannot be responsible for your final mark or any consequence arising from it.

University policy on editorial assistance

The work in your thesis or dissertation must be your own, including how it is written and presented. Universities often have strict policies regarding the use of professional editorial services, including proofreaders. Some prohibit the use of editorial assistance entirely. Please ensure that you are familiar with your university/faculty’s policy before contacting me, and be prepared to send any policy, or relevant information, to me. I will also need you to confirm that your supervisor is aware that you are using the services of a proofreader.

In order to avoid any unethical issues, I will follow the guidelines below. These describe the kinds of help I can and cannot provide. However, these guidelines will be superseded by the policy of your university or your supervisor’s instruction, where a difference occurs. Any use of an editorial service must be acknowledged in your thesis/dissertation.

The section below is intended as a guide to what you can expect from my proofreading service. It is not intended to be exhaustive but to provide a guide as to the sorts of interventions I can and cannot make.

What I can help with

Corrections and  suggestions related to the following will be for you to take up or reject, as you choose.

  • Use of language, spelling, punctuation, textual errors and grammar.
  • Consistency of style and language – according to your guide or specification.
  • Consistency of layout, formatting of text and graphics, labelling and numbering.
  • Order, formatting and omissions of references.
  • Checking contents pages, lists of abbreviations and figures/illustrations.
  • Minor, simple rewording of single sentences to aid clarification.
  • Raising areas which may need clarification or further attention for you to make changes.

What I cannot help with

  • Structuring or ordering of your thesis or dissertation.
  • Creating and implementing a layout or formatting style.
  • Adding new content.
  • Commenting on your academic argument.
  • Rewriting sections or rewording to strengthen your argument.
  • Rewriting text in a different (e.g. academic) style.
  • Revising text up or down to a specified word count.
  • Fact checking or correcting.
  • Checking that references and citations are relevant.

Please also have a look at my Terms & conditions. If you are unclear on any aspect please contact me.

Timings & schedules

If you intend to use a proofreading service, prepare early. The earlier you contact and book your work in with a proofreader, the more smoothly the process will go. Proofreading may take a lot longer than you realise and giving your proofreader sufficient time to undertake the work will lead to a more satisfactory experience for everyone. Your proofreader will have other work in their schedule, and it is unlikely that this can be adjusted.

You must provide your work to me on or before the agreed start date. If some sections are incomplete, I am happy to start with what is complete. I will try to accommodate any change or delay but I cannot guarantee this as it will need to be slotted in around other work. Try to stick to your timetable so that each stage can be completed on time and you are ready for submission.

You must be available to deal with queries while proofreading is underway. If I cannot contact you, there may be a delay in completing the work.

You must build in time to work on your thesis/dissertation after I return it to you, prior to submitting it. You will need sufficient time to go through the document to review my suggestions and make changes accordingly, prior to submission. Completing this in haste may result in errors or oversights, so give yourself plenty of time.


The cost of my proofreading service will depend on the service required, the standard of writing and number of corrections/suggestions I need to make.  The better you are able to make your work before you provide it to me, the less time it will take and the lower the cost will be so you will save money if you put time in to making it as error-free as possible.

I will have provided a quote based on the sample you provided me. If the whole document is of a lower standard than the sample, I may have to renegotiate the completion date and cost.

If you are working to a budget, please discuss it with me. I will try to work with it wherever possible.