You’ve done a fantastic job working on these spreads, Frances. I’m really happy with the work you have carried out and you deserve a huge pat on the back. It can sometimes be a bit tricky when working with new freelancers but this has been a breeze! I’ll be sure to keep you in mind for future projects.
Craig Balfour, Collins Learning (HarperCollins)

Frances has great attention to detail. She delivered the project before the deadline. Highly recommended.
Thank you … brilliant work as always…
Kim Davies, National Trust

I have learnt a lot from your proofreading input … I wish I had used this type of service for past papers/manuscripts.
Dr Paul Lunt, Associate Head of Environmental Science, Plymouth University

Frances worked as a proofreader on the copy for our new website. At the outset I asked her if she was willing to do more than proofreading and she was happy to help with editing and fact checking. She worked very professionally and I was impressed by her attention to detail. As well as providing an excellent proofreading service she made sense of some of our text which was overcomplicated. I received high quality work from her and I was able to rely on her to send me work that was ready to upload. Frances was easy to work with, sending regular updates and meeting all deadlines. She exhibited a real interest and knowledge in our work and was a pleasure to work with.
Jody Vallance, Communications Officer, Moors for the Future Partnership

I am hugely satisfied with your work on my document – thanks for this again.
I really love your way of proofreading – I always find it helpful.
Jeongeun Park , PhD student, Bristol University

Frances carries out quality proofreading, in a really short time. I sent her my CV and cover letter just a few days ago, and I received a corrected version yesterday. Frances has pointed out every single detail that wasn’t appropriate. Her contribution was very helpful for me to get quality documents. I highly recommend her!
Pierre-Yves Dodet, Engineering student, University of Technology Belfort-Montbeliard, France