I am a qualified proofreader, based in Shropshire, specialising in helping anyone writing about wildlife, ecology and nature conservation to communicate their messages clearly and with maximum impact. Errors in our writing undermine our credibility with our readers making it less likely that they will take the action we want them to.

From a first book for children, to an academic’s research paper or a charity’s worldwide call to action, I can help you present your words effectively to foster your audience’s trust and engagement. When you have written something that really matters, I can provide a trained eye and final polish before you send it into the world to do its work.

I also work with words that are unrelated to the natural world, including fiction. I have many interests and gather new ones all the time thanks to the words my clients have written. Please look at the services I offer. Whatever you need, if you think I can help, or you would like a chat about your project, please get in touch.